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My high school English teacher, Mr. John Roberts, has become a woodworker now that he is retired.  I am surprised he made it past the first year of teaching English!  I can say this because my class was his first teaching experience.  He has told me numerous times that he learned way more from us then we ever did from him!  In fact, he said his mistake was believing that at 17/18, he could treat us as adults.  He learned quickly that was a rather flawed view!! 

Mr. Roberts was one of my favorite teachers and is one of my favorite people in general.  There is a reason he is one of my favorites – he told me this story last year about me that I didn’t remember.  Evidently, on one of the English assignments I was given, Mr. Roberts gave me a perfect score AND not a red mark on the paper.  He told me that is the only time in 30 years of teaching he ever did that.  Obviously, perfection cannot be repeated!  Ha!

Seejanestamp.com pencil box 1

Anyway, now that Mr. R has given up teaching and is becoming a master woodworker, people like me, who appreciate handmade items, can rejoice!  Mr. R came into my office the other day showing off recent items that he made.  One of those items was a pencil box.  As it happens, I needed one of those for my new Stampin’ Up! blendibilities.  So I asked Mr. R to make a few modifications and voila – this is what he made.

Seejanestamp.com pencil box 3

It is double the size of the original pencil box and built to hold lots of blendies!  Yay!!  In fact, Mr. R knows me so well, he made two of them knowing I would snap them both up.  Then I requested he make two more!  So I will have a box for the blendies, my SU! regular markers, my distress markers and my colored pencils.  These boxes are gorgeous in person.  My poor photography skills do not show them off as well as they should be!  Mr. Roberts does have a website – www.jwwoodworking.net – in case you are interested.  He makes all kinds of items and does custom stuff too!

Seejanestamp.com pencil box 2
Check out this cutting board with the inlaid design.  Gorgeous!

  Seejanestamp.com cutting board

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katie Skiff

Lucky you - but he knows you deserve it!! Fun storage piece!!

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