The Roaring 20's part 2

Welcome to the 40's...

I finished the 1940s challenge last night but was too tired to get it posted.  Katie left about 8:30 and had all the challenges done except the 1980s.  I see from her blog this morning that she finished the 80s last night!  Yay..she got thru all the challenges in one day!  Katie can craft like nobody’s business.  She was ahead of me by a challenge most of the day.

I plan to finish my last three challenges today – the Renaissance, the 60s and the 80s.  This has been such a fun weekend.  I have enjoyed all of the challenges!

So to the 40s…I chose to make the background card using a tablecloth (pictured below) as my inspiration.  This was a fun challenge and I loved how it looks done.  I do wish, after seeing it today, that I would have put less yellow in the card and used a red layer rather than the yellow.  As you can see from the tablecloth there is no yellow but I added it for a pop of color...maybe too much of a pop! 7

I am not one to create my own backgrounds but I am going to start challenging myself to do this more often.  I hope to complete the flower challenge as well but I will see what I accomplish today!

Here is the tablecloth...and a fun just told me she got this tablecloth for her wedding almost 59 years ago.  So more 50s than 40s but I still love it! 8

Now, I am going back in time to the Renaissance era and get that done!


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katie Skiff

Yes, that music from the 80s got me going!! Thank you for hosting - even if you were mean to me all day!! BWAHAHAHAHA!! I had fun.
Once again, I love these colors!! And Love that your mom has a story for the tablecloth.


No way!! I love your card exactly like you did it! : ) So sweet and tablecloth-like : )


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