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My favorite challenge on Project Runway is the unconventional challenge.  I love the idea of using materials completely contrary to the fabrics that the designers normally use!  So we were charged with going to the hardware store and finding materials to make a card.  Budget - $10 max. pti unconventional 3 (640x449)

I visited my hardware store a couple of weeks ago and wondered around for a while.  (FYI – this hardware store has its own version of Swatch – a yellow lab!)  I already knew two things – one – I was going to make a shaker card and two – I already had some free birdseed from my aunt that was going in the shaker card. pti unconventional 1 (496x640)

I found some jute, cork, washer type things (obviously the technical term!) and paint chips (free).  I spent a total of $4.02.  I didn’t end up using either the cork or the jute.  Getting the paint chips added one more sure thing – it was going to be an ombre shaker card.  The first pocket got the birdseed and some of the washer things, while the second layer had seed beads and washer things.  For the top pocket (makes me hum the hot pocket tune), I die cut the word hello from a paint chip and glued it to the chip I was putting in the shaker and then added the seed beads and washer things. pti unconventional 2 (640x244)

When I got it done, I realized that it was too big to go on a card – so it is a stand-alone shaker.  The only thing I wish I had done differently was to use the bag that I put the washer things and cork in for the shaker bag.  It was a thick plastic and would have worked pretty well.

Next up – I am on pins and needles!


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